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  1. picWally

    If you're looking for light weight but full featured extension for your Web site's header (and others), picWally is probably is right choice for you!

    picWally offers the possibility of displaying a number of pictures inside a main area (let's call it -w a l l-). Picture's placement and sizes can freely varied.

    This is useful for creating header pictures (key visuals) of websites, but it's also possible to use the module anywhere for showing pictures and more.

    The placement and sizing configuration of the picture areas (called -f r a m e s- ) is easy and works with percent values only. You don't have to think about pixels.

    Additionally it's possible to place text or html snippets (called frame's -c o n t e n t- ) inside the frames to create headlines and more.

    Main features
    - creates a main area (wall) where a number of picture areas (frames) can be added
    - frames will be sized automatically depending on walls size
    - frames sizes and placements are set up by percent values and choices of orientation (left, right, top, bottom)
    - each frame is linkable with an URL
    - slideshow function for each frame (select a folder with images) with various transition effect possibilities
    - time controlled picture swap function on website (re)load for each frame
    - text or HTML snippets (content) can be placed inside the frames
    - styling of frames and contents via CSS classes or pure CSS
    - fully responsive: sizes and placements will be recalculated on browser window size changes/display orientation change
    - lightweight CSS and JavaScript (less than 10KByte)
    - detailed tooltip help for each module configuration option
    - multi language support (English and German translation included)

  2. TF Acy

    This module displays subscription form for AcyMailing component. You can use it to subscribe users to another Joomla website, where the component is installed. This module works with AcyMailing 5.x version.

  3. PreLoader

    A website PreLoader, loads before loading a web page.

    • It shows a PreLoader in the waiting period of loading a web page.
    • Many customizations are available to tune the preloader.
    • Five(5) PreLoader Types: Revolving Dots, Bouncing Dots, Text, Icon/HTML and Image
    • All types have its own customization options.
    • You can show an your text or Logo or GIF image or Dots or icon and other CSS Icons as a PreLoader.
    • Check the backend screenshots to see all the features/customizations available.
  4. File Upload - Advanced Custom Fields

    A Drag & Drop Multi File Upload Custom Field that can be used in Joomla! Articles and with any component that supports the Joomla! Fields.

    File Upload Features

    • Drag & Drop Uploads
    • Multiple Uploads
    • Set Upload Folder per Field
    • Limit Files
    • Limit File Size
    • Restrict File Types
    • Randomize file names
    • Front-end Layout flexibility

    Awesome Support

    • Cross Browser Compatibility
    • Mobile Support

    Where you can use it?

    • Use it with Joomla! Articles
    • Use in the Joomla! Registration Form
    • Use in the Joomla! User Profiles page
    • Use it with any extension that supports Joomla! Custom Fields
  5. JoomGrabber

    JoomGrabber is an advanced tool that let you grab and fetch data from out-side and store it in your Joomla website, this grabber Joomla Extension can collect any external data sources (RSS, XML, NewsML, Youtube, ebay, email, ...) and store into any Joomla 3rd party Extension (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart ...).

    This Joomla Aggregator Automated-Engine offers you fully control of:
    - Where to collect content for your Joomla site
    - How to re-format the content before pass it to 3rd party Joomla Extension.
    - Where the content will be stored.

    Main Features:

    • Collect content from ANY external sources
    • Re-format collected content with smart processors
    • Store into supported third-party Joomla! Extensions (K2, FlexiContent, Docman, Zoo, VirtueMart, Kunena)
    • Auto run with Cronjob (Scheduler)
    • Logs system
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